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Symbols Used
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Anatomical Language Worksheets
Appendicular Skeleton Worksheets
Axial Skeleton Worksheets

pdf Study Skills
pdf Practical Exam Grading Rubric

Class Handouts

pdf Lecture Notes Outline (105 pages)
pdf Muscles of the Back
Axial Skeleton Muscle Chart
Synergist Muscles List
pdf Upper Extremity Muscle Chart
pdf Lower Extremity Muscle Chart
pdf Upper Extremity Muscle Illustrations
pdf Lower Extremity Muscle Illustrations
pdf Extremities – Joints and Components

Useful Websites
Muscles (html)
Explorer-16 Articulations (html)

Trail Guide PowerPoint Files
Navigating the Body
Shoulder and Arm
Forearm and Hand
Spine and Thorax
Head, Neck and Face
Pelvis and Thigh
Leg and Foot

Other PowerPoint Files
01 – Anatomical Terms
02 – Bony Anatomy of the Skull
03 – Muscles of the Head
04 – Muscles of the Face
05 – TMJ Muscles
06 – Muscles of the Anterior Neck
07 – Muscles of the Posterior Neck
08 – Bony Anatomy of the Thorax
09 – Bony Anatomy of the Vertebral Column
10 – Muscles of the Anterior Trunk
11 – Muscles of the Posterior Trunk
12 – Anatomy of the Shoulder
13 – Muscles of the Shoulder
14 – Muscles of the Elbow
15 – Muscles of the Wrist and Hand
16 – Muscles of the Pelvis
17 – Muscles of the Knee
18 – Muscles of the Ankle
19 – Muscles of the Foot


Audio Files – Muscles of the Upper Extremity
Trapezius to Rotator Cuff Muscles
audio Pectoralis Minor to Latissimus Dorsi
audio Pectoralis Major to Supinator
audio Rotator Cuff Muscles to Supinator
audio Deltoid to Coracobrachialis
audio Wrist and Finger Extensors
audio Forearm Muscles

Audio Files – Muscles of the Lower Extremity

audio Gluteal Muscles
audio Gluteal Maximus to 6 Deep Rotators
Six Deep Lateral Rotators
audio Hip Adductors (Groin Muscles)
audio Thigh (Anterior and Posterior)
audio Leg/Calf (Anterior and Lateral)
audio Leg/Calf (Posterior)
audio Leg Muscles

Audio Files – Muscles of the Axial Skeleton)
audio Bony Anatomy of the Skull
audio Bony Anatomy of the Face
audio Facial Bones
audio TMJ Muscles
audio Muscles of the Skull/Face
audio Anterior Neck Muscles
audio Spinal Anatomy
audio Posterior Trunk Muscles
audio Abdominal Muscles

Additional Lectures on Nerve and Trigger Points

audio Nerves of the Upper Extremities
audio Trigger Points
pdf Trigger Points-Perpetuating Factors

Bone Landmark Videos
(from Au0026amp;P Vidcast on Itunes University)
quicktime Os Coxae (Pelvis)
quicktime Sacrum and Coccyx
quicktime Bones of the Leg
quicktime Clavicle
quicktime Humerus
quicktime Bones of the Forearm
quicktime Bones of the Hand
quicktime Thoracic Cage

Muscle Videos (from Au0026amp;P Vidcast on Itunes University)
Gluteal muscles
Medial Thigh muscles
quicktime Anterior Thigh muscles
quicktime Posterior Thigh muscles
quicktime Anterior and Lateral Leg muscles
Posterior Leg muscles
Foot muscles

quicktime Shoulder muscles
Arm muscles
Forearm muscles
quicktime Hand muscles
quicktime Head muscles
quicktime Neck muscles
quicktime Anterior Torso muscles
quicktime Posterior Torso muscles

Muscle Palpation and Identification Videos (from Dr. Desepoli)
quicktime Trapezius to Pectoralis Minor
quicktime Teres Major to Rotator Cuff Muscles
quicktime Biceps Brachii to Supinator
quicktime Subclavius to Coracobrachialis
quicktime Wrist and Finger Muscles
quicktime Gluteal to Groin Muscles

quicktime Anconeus
quicktime Triceps brachii
quicktime Biceps brachii
quicktime Brachialis
quicktime Brachioradialis
quicktime Supraspinatus
quicktime Teres Minor
quicktime Infraspinatus
quicktime Subscapularis

quicktime Anconeus and Triceps brachii
quicktime Biceps brachii
quicktime Brachialis and Brachioradialis
quicktime Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus u0026amp; Teres minor
quicktime Subscapularis

quicktime Rhomboids
quicktime Latissimus dorsi
quicktime Teres major
quicktime Anconeus
quicktime Supinator
quicktime Pectoralis minor

Trail Guide Palpation Videos
quicktime Gluteals
quicktime Tensor Fascia Latae
quicktime 6 Deep Lateral Rotators
quicktime Sartorius
quicktime Iliopsoas
quicktime Hamstring muscles
quicktime Quadriceps muscles
quicktime Hip Adductors

quicktime Popliteus
quicktime Peroneal muscles
quicktime Gastrocnemius and Soleus
quicktime Plantaris
quicktime Flexors of Ankle/Toes
quicktime Extensors of Ankle/Toes

quicktime Deltoid
quicktime Trapezius
quicktime Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major
quicktime Rotator Cuff Muscles
quicktime Rhomboids
quicktime Levator Scapulae
quicktime Serratus Anterior
quicktime Pectoralis Major
quicktime Pectoralis Minor

quicktime Biceps Brachii
quicktime Brachialis
quicktime Brachioradialis
quicktime Coracobrachialis
quicktime Triceps Brachii
quicktime Anconeus
quicktime Pronator Teres
quicktime Supinator
quicktime Flexors/Extensors of Forearm
quicktime Flexors of Wrist/Fingers
quicktime Extensors of Wrist/Fingers
quicktime Thumb Muscles

quicktime Erectors
quicktime Multifidi and Rotatores
quicktime Suboccipitals
quicktime Quadratus Lumbortum
quicktime Abdominals
quicktime Diaphragm
quicktime Intercostals
quicktime Splenius Capitis

quicktime Temporalis
quicktime Sternocleidomastoid
quicktime Scalenes
quicktime Masseter
quicktime Suprahyoids
quicktime Infrahyoids