Thank for expressing an interest in being interviewed on my show.
It will be my pleasure to help you promote yourself and/or your product to my listeners.

Here’s a little information about how the show works:

Booking is real easy, just use the form at the bottom and that will book you directly into my calendar.
You’ll receive a few reminders as the date approaches via email.
I’ll be calling you via Skype – my Skype ID is: drgenedesepoli – feel free to add me as a contact beforehand if you like.
Please remember: interviews aren’t “live”, they’re recorded and released after the interview date. They can be edited and any parts can be deleted.

It’s important that we get pretty good audio quality and here are some tips:
Sit in a nice quiet room with very little background noise
Turn off the ringer or vibrate mode
Make sure to put some headphones on
Make sure you have a pretty good quality microphone:
Apple iPhone earbuds work great – get a set if you’ve lost yours.

If you have written your bio and would like to suggest a few slots for the interview, click here:
You can copy and paste your bio into one of the fields in the form.